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About SMES

Who We Are

Shades Mountain Elementary is recognized as one of the oldest and most historic elementary schools in the Hoover City Schools system. Nestled within the trees at the top of Shades Mountain, it is a school known for its strong parent and community support and caring, creative faculty. It is the sense of neighborhood and family along with the pride of being a member of it that makes Shades Mountain special.  It is a place where a child is not considered yours or mine but ours.  Shades Mountain encourages growth in learners of all ages. 

Mission:   To equip and empower learners to be leaders.

The students and staff of SMES will:

  • Establish a learning community that encourages respect for self, others and the community 
  • Promote academics, positive self-esteem and good citizenship 
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their own choices and behaviors 
  • Advocate respect for a healthy body and mind 
  • Provide exposure to the cultural arts 
  • Encourage all students to use rational and creative thought processes 
  • Provide varied instructional techniques/activities to accommodate individual learning styles
  • Offer opportunities to experience the fulfillment of giving to others and serving the community